A New Beginning: Day 1

I've been away from this blog and website for a minute, as I spent some time "soul-searching" and thinking about life in a new and different way. I've always been a student of the Law of Attraction, but through the tools and resources I've used, only got bits and pieces of how this concept works. And then I read a book called Deliberate Receiving, which as the book's subtitle says, finally made some sense to me and filled in the holes that the other information I was reading left when talking about the Law of Attraction. The popular book The Secret being one of them, as this book is honestly just an introduction to this concept. Deliberate Receiving breaks the concept down into pieces that make sense and puts it all together. And honestly, it was as if I was remembering everything that happened in my life and I finally understood how those events were attracted into my life. It was the same feeling I got when I read Carol Tuttle's books It's Just My Nature and The Child Whisperer. It gave me a greater understanding of my life and the Universe as a whole. 

So in the book, Melody Fletcher, the author, teaches you how to release your limiting beliefs and basically attract the reality that you want by paying attention to your emotions. She doesn't make you feel shameful for your life, and she doesn't teach you to demonize your negative emotions like anger or depression. She's very conscious about not telling you what you SHOULD want, but instead guiding you towards figuring out what you simply want that makes you feel good. What one person feels good about may not feel good to the next person. And that is totally okay. When I first started working with these concepts in her book and working with what I wanted to attract in my life, I realize there were a lot of things I thought I SHOULD want, like a lot of money and a high-powered job. But then I realized that those things really don't excite me. So I read kept reading her blog posts, kept watching her videos on YouTube that I found interesting, and just kept rereading sections of her book until I understood it enough to apply it correctly to my life. And that's when my life stated to change. 

The more limiting beliefs I released and the more I allowed myself to be excited about certain things, the more I became aware of certain events around me. Because I was started to truly feel good in life, I started noticing what I call synchronizations happening. I started getting parking spaces near the front of buildings I was going into. I started going out to places simply because I wanted to, and allowed my comfort zone to expand. This included going to bars and restaurants to sit by myself and write, not caring if others thought I was weird or intriguing. I let go of the belief that life is all about sacrifice. I started to laugh more, and people really began to see a shift in my energy, and commenting how happier I seemed. And most importantly, I began to release a lot of anger and frustration I had about life. I believe it's very important to allow ourselves a constructive anger release, since our society demonized anger, simply because most of us were never taught how to actually work with it in a constructive way. (My way was to go running in the park and exercise instead of punching people and screaming in their face). But that's a topic for another post. 

All of this facilitated a bigger shift in my life, and one that I wanted to make but was too scared to make until recently. And that was to quit my job that I had been at for a year and a half. The time had come where I was no longer happy in that position. I was no longer enjoying myself. And the dogma to stick it out and simply work for a job until retirement was one that never stuck with me. I never truly believed in retirement, because I didn't believe in the notion of having to wait until I was 60 years old to truly enjoy life. Why can't I enjoy it now? Why should I be stuck at a job I didn't like for the next 40 years of my life?

But then the biggest hurdle of all began to set it. I allowed myself to feel the fear of "what if everything goes wrong". I let myself, or rather my brain, come up with those fearful and frustration questions of whether I would find another job, enough money to live and pay my bills, etc. And I worked with those fears by writing them out and using techniques that released those fears until I could feel good again about quitting my job. And that's what happened. I signed a letter of resignation and felt excited about life. It was this type of excitement that I hadn't felt in a long time. And honestly it wasn't about the job. The company I worked for was right for some people, and not so right for others. Each person has their own reason why they may or may not stay in a job, or why they even enjoy it. So I'm not shitting on the company. But this was about stepping into my new reality, the reality that made me excited and happy. And for those who don't understand the Law of Attraction and reality creation, this may sound like I'm going insane or delusional. But this is actually the most clarity I have gotten in my life in a long time. It feels like a new beginning for me. 

I'm not sure 100% what is next for me. But I feel compelled to share this journey, and finally write a blog post I felt inspired to write. I will write more about the new reality I'm stepping into, and that feels true and right for me. And just maybe others will feel inspired as well. I'll write more about the process I'm using and going through as I continue on this journey of empowerment.